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Episode #1 – 5 Biggest Financial Mistakes College-Bound Families Make


In case you didn’t know it, college is expensive. It just is.

With college costing between $25,000 to $100,000 a year (for most families), mistakes can be quite costly. As a financial planner who specializes in college and student loan analysis, mistakes can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Attending the wrong school for your family type – for example – can be a $100,000 difference.

In this episode of College Wealth Advisor, I share the five biggest financial mistakes families have been making post-covid.

Enjoy the episode.

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Tom Martin, WMCP®
Tom Martin, WMCP®
Tom Martin, is a financial advisor at Vaylark Financial Services, based in Hartford, Connecticut. He practices in the area of private wealth management offering comprehensive financial planning, custom investment portfolios, tax reduction strategies, risk management, estate and legacy planning, as well as advises on executive compensation and business owner profitability.


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