We'll help create a family-focused plan that grows and changes, just like your family.

The Financial Planning process starts with a Discovery Call through a Zoom Meeting. The goal of this meeting is to see if we’re a good fit for each other, and to see how I can best serve your family.



Get Organized

In order to craft your financial plan, we need to understand the details of your financial life. By the end of this meeting, our goal is to help you Get Organized. Together, we’ll start you on a path to getting your financial life in good order and set you up with a system to keep things organized in the future.


Explore Possibilities & Set Goals

Once we have your finances organized and we have an understanding of your financial situation, it’s time to help you re-imagine what possibilities the future could hold. We will discuss your financial life from a 30,000 foot view as well as what a great life looks like to you (and your partner if you have one). We’ll also work to identify potential obstacles that could possibly get in your way.


Put Your Plan Into Action

Now it’s time to take action. We will break down your most important tasks into smaller, achievable tasks, while scheduling other task for the future. We’ll assign who’s responsible for what and monitor our progress together, scheduling check-in meetings regularly.


Ongoing Plan

We will continue to meet 2-3 times a year to renew your financial plan. As your family and finances grow and change, so too will your plan. You can breathe easy in knowing your advisory team is monitoring your entire financial life.

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