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Financial Planner in Hartford, CT

Tom Martin and his firm, Vaylark Financial Services, are unique in both the breadth and depth of services they can offer to their private wealth clients. While many financial advisors advise individuals and families, few, if any, can match the knowledge and experience of a financial advisor that employs a proven goal-based wealth management process.

What's on your mind?

How to Pay for College

Discover strategies regardless of your family’s income. Learn what’s driving up your college price tag and your unique strategy for minimizing student loans.

When Can I Retire?

There are a number of factors to consider as you approach retirement. Join one of our retirement readiness webinars to retire with confidence.

Investment Strategies

While the markets will always have volatility, the key to being a successful investor is minimizing losses in the bad years without foregoing substantial growth in the good years. 

Case studies

Gary & Cindy

Our daughter is a Junior in high school. What colleges can we get in, and how much can we expect in financial aid?

Donald & Sarah

Are we in a position where Donald can retire early at 62, and maybe transition to a part-time job?

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