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Tom Martin, Financial Advisor in Hartford CT

Tom Martin and his firm, Vaylark Financial Services, are unique in both the breadth and depth of services they can offer to their private wealth clients. While many financial advisors advise individuals and families, few, if any, can match the knowledge and experience of a financial advisor that employs a proven goal-based wealth management process.

Paying for College

College is expensive. The more your family makes, the more it will cost you out of pocket. We help families make the most of school selection, maximize financial aid, minimize student debt, and explore tax opportunities.

Retirement Income

Investors now expect wealth management advisors to handle risk more effectively. We’ll help organize your financial life so that you can feel confident your money will last a lifetime and survive our rigorous stress tests.

Managing Investments

The key to being a successful investor is minimizing losses in the bad years without foregoing substantial growth in the good years. Our Risk Analysis tools allow us to craft custom portfolios to meet our investors’ risk tolerance.


Hey there!

My name is Tommy. I’m a writer, speaker, and financial advisor at Vaylark Financial Services. I know how important balance is to a family and how having confidence in your financial plan can enhance that balance.

Sadly, many of us invest the best years of our lives trading vacations, time spent with friends and family, and hobbies for more work —only to feel empty and dissatisfied at the end.

I’m here to remind you of the journey, and here to help you create a life you love.

Tommy Martin

College and Retirement are the ultimate problem-solving tasks financial advisors have to address, to reduce the risk of our clients outlasting their money

Tommy Martin, Financial Advisor

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