Are You Financially Ready to Retire?

Looking forward to retirement is something that many of us get excited about. We anticipate spending more time with family and on our hobbies, volunteering, or even traveling the world. Even still, in today’s environment, being financially prepared for retirement and feeling ready to retire are two separate things. So, whether you’re early on in […]

<strong>How the CARES Act Helps Healthcare Professionals with Student Loans</strong>

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act is a $2 Trillion COVID-19 stimulus package. Let’s go over how the CARES Act helps physicians and other healthcare professionals with their student loans because they provide benefits. How the CARES Act helps doctors with student loans Unfortunately, the CARES Act only benefits student loan borrowers […]

3 Money Buckets Required to Build Wealth

In 2010, Allstate Insurance Company launched its “Mayhem” video campaign. Dean Winters, who performed magnificently as Mayhem, gave viewers a play-by-play to the devastation he was creating. The videos were both devastating and comical, making an impact across America. While the Mayhem videos are entertaining, they also teach us what life can feel like without […]

How to create a personal budget for your money

Did you know that almost half of Americans don’t have any emergency savings?1 In the world we live in today, that’s crazy. If that’s you, you my friend are playing with fire. Today, I’m going to share how to create a personal budget for your money that’s fun and will free up cash so that […]